Operation Bootstrap Message – Dave Husted Memorial Fund

Sometimes through love and example, people are able to motivate others to do something great.  Dave Husted was one of those people.  I know this from the messages people sent with their memorial gifts and phone conversations with folks who called wanting to talk about their memories of Dave.  Although I missed the opportunity to know Dave, his legacy will continue. Dave requested a fund be established at Operation Bootstrap Africa to support the MaaSAE Girls School.  This fund will empower young Maasai girls to dream beyond the boma and have hope for a better life for themselves, their communities, … Continue reading Operation Bootstrap Message – Dave Husted Memorial Fund


November 18, 2019 Deb U-Ren Many blessings from Arusha Lutheran Medical Center. I spent the morning helping the nurse in the NICU with a very busy day. I gained their trust and they have so many questions about cares and concerns of the babies. They are learning to use their assessment skills well! The afternoon was spent teaching doctors and nurses from Arusha and the surrounding area hospitals. Such a wonderful group. So many questions. They all showed up ready to learn. Thank you Lord for allowing me to teach new skills to these wonderful people Continue reading Blessings

A celebration of life

In honor of Dave Husted who came to Tanzania with us a year ago I wanted to share some thoughts and messages that i have found to bring me some peace and healing. I am thinking of you all and sharing In your pain from the other side of the globe. In the short time Dave was here in Tanzania he touched so many hearts and brought joy to many people. I am sure that as stories about Dave’s kindness continue to present themselves we will all find that through this, miracles transpire in ways that only God himself has … Continue reading A celebration of life

Love me, Live with me, Walk with me

“Love me, Live with me, Walk with me, And show me the way to reach my destiny.” This is the mission of the Destiny Foundation, a privately-funded organization that houses, teaches and cares for children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities. We were fortunate to have Bryson Lyatuu, the program founder and director navigate our driver through the twists and turns of an endlessly rutted road that led to this sanctuary. His background as a retired primary school special education teacher planted the seed for his idea to provide a place for these children to maximize … Continue reading Love me, Live with me, Walk with me

Eyes and Hands of Jesus

What an incredible day at Selian. We conducted a skills fair for nursing focusing on communication and assessments. It was attended by nurses from all areas and all shifts. They were so engaged and thankful for the educational opportunities. I also was so blessed to work with a new nursing supervisor on writing careplans yesterday and implementing them. Today, I supported him as he taught his nurses. The willingness to not only learn but to share their knowledge is inspiring. I am so blessed to be here taking part in improving healthcare. These nurses and providers amaze me with what … Continue reading Eyes and Hands of Jesus